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Building Brand Equity - Strategic Brand & Product Portfolio Management
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Date & Location:
Date: May 16 - 17
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:

The biggest asset of any Company is its Brand Equity. Worth millions, but rarely even appearing on the balance sheet, Brand Equity can be a source of value that allows a Company to stretch productivity, increase profits, thwart competition, inspire greatness in employees, and secure support form supply and demand chains as well as competitors and government.

A deeper understanding and more scientific management of Brand Equity ensures optimal profitability and stability and is an essential skill set for any leadership or senior executive, while a mandatory knowledge base for marketing and strategy executives. 

Learning Objective:

You'll identify what to do to overcome your own branding issues, key methods and how to implement the necessary actions to brand equity, or milk it, as well as identifying how and when to create new brands vs extend existing ones. Concepts that will be addressed include:

    • Increase profit, growth & brand equity
    • The short & long-term effects of milking brand equity
    • Provide Clarity to Better Harness Brand Management
    • Implement fast & effective Brand Strategies
    • What tools to use to make optimal branding decisions
    • How to manage Negative Brand Equity
    • How to Recognise the Limits of Brand Equity
    • The Relationship between Customer Engagement & Employee Engagement
    • Changing Brand Strategies Through the Product & Industry Lifecycle
    • Developing Better Strategic & Corporate Branding Governance

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