2018 Training Courses

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Power Pricing Strategy
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Date & Location:
Date: May 14 - 15
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:

All too often, companies around the world struggle to reduce costs, press hard for increased volume, or search desperately for new ways to grow… when significant profits are sitting there, waiting to be taken, in the form of better Pricing.

Superior Pricing can help in outperforming competitors, reinforcing brand strengths, creating more bonded channel loyalty, and increasing employee morale and productivity… all deliver potently higher returns to stakeholders.

Particularly in the new era of customer price sensitivity and awareness, many organisations have fallen behind with pricing methodologies that best value their products and generate maximum profits.

This intensive 2-day workshop, suitable for B2C and B2B marketers, will empower attendees with the key initiatives, models and issues to produce creative and profit-maximising pricing strategies and tactics, in the both the short term and the long run. Delegates will complete the workshop with a wealth of knowledge in pricing strategies for coping with ever-changing market conditions and potential new sources of sustainable competitive advantage.

Learning Objective:

  • Approaches to Discounting to IMPROVE sales rather than undermine them
  • Research methods for identifying pricing questions and issues
  • Commercial applications of understanding Price vs Value.
  • Knowing when (and if) to lower the price (or increase it)
  • How to Price “right”
  • Fallacies and benefits of different pricing methods.
  • Pros and Cons of Discounting
  • What price to set and when.
  • Increasing price without is costing sales.
  • Judging & Measuring price elasticity.
  • Correct price competition.
  • Capitalising of the price perception ‘exchange’
  • Channel specific pricing
  • How Pricing fits into the marketing mix