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Price & Cost Analysis
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Date & Location:
Date: May 14 - 15
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:

买的精还是卖的精?知道吗?采购成本下降2% 所带来的利润 , 需要增加10%的销售额才能达到!

日复一日的降价工作;采购周期越来越短、采购批量越来越小;原材 料的价格不断上涨,交期却不断延长。激烈的市场竞争要求公司必须有能力提供价格更具竞争力的产品,为此,采购人员被要求以更低的价格采购公司所需的物料及为公司创造更多的节约。采购人员每时每刻都在面临成本的压力!

面对日趋激烈和严峻的供应市场变化,采购人员如何灵活利用各种价 格和成本分析的方法,通过有效的价格和成本分析,管理和控制所购物 料的成本,从而增加公司产品的市场竞争力,并进而为公司整体战略目 标的实现增加价值,将是未来所有采购人员所面对的巨大挑战之一。

  • 什么是价格分析? 价格分析有哪些方法和技巧?
  • 什么是成本分析? 成本分析有哪些方法和技巧?
  • 什么情况适合用价格分析?什么情况适合用成本分析?
  • 怎样针对您企业的实际情况制订有效的价格/成本分析与成本降低战略?

Do you know if you are buying sharp or selling smart? Do you know if you reduce purchasing cost by 2%, you need to increase sales by 10% to be equal!

Everyday doing cost reduction work; Purchasing period getting shorter, Purchasing volume getting smaller; Raw material price continue to increase,but delivery time continue to get longer. Fierce competition in the market required company to supply with better products, that is why buyers required to purchase with the lowest price to support the company to reduce total product cost. Every minute, buyers are facing pressure from continuity of cost reduction.

Facing fierce Supply Market changes, what different cost and price analysis tools can buyer use to effectively manage and control material cost, to largely improve company's product competition in the market and becoming one of the company's strategy as a value added element. These are all the challenges that all buyers have to face.

  • What is Price Analysis? What are the methodologies in Price Analysis?
  • What is Cost Analysis? What are the methodologies in Cost Analysis?
  • On what bases do you use Price Analysis? When do you use Cost Analysis?
  • How do you use an effective Cost/Price Analysis and strategies in your company?

Learning Objective:

  • 学习价格分析以及成本分析的概念以及各种基本分析工具,做到真正能够读懂供应商的报价。
  • 学习各种价格降低,成本控制的方法。学会多维度的达成采购成本降低的各种方式。
  • Learn different price and cost analysis concepts and fundamental tools, so that students can read and understand supplier pricing quotation.
  • Learn different price reduction and cost control methods, to meet purchasing cost reduction targets with different dimension of methods.

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