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Digital Supply Chain
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Date & Location:
Date: Apr 11 - 12
Location: Singapore
Date: Oct 17 - 18
Location: Shenzhen
Training Brief:

Digital business transformation can be defined as the application of disruptive technologies to build new business models.

Digital is fundamentally impacting all industries with varying speed and scope.

Processes, software, connected objects, Ecosystems create systems that put together will result in more profitable revenue, greater competitive advantage and higher efficiency.

These benefits represent a significant incentive for rethinking how to run your business - and that is exactly what is happening in this workshop.

Learning Objective:

Designed to support you:

Understand digital transformation and the ways disruptive technologies can impact your business - customers, services, partners and suppliers and the opportunities

This Workshop will give you the tools to assess the readiness of your company and the framework to embark on your digital transformation journey.