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Distribution Center Design and Performance Optimization
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Date & Location:
Date: May 21 - 22
Location: Chicago
Date: Sep 13 - 14
Location: Chicago
Training Brief:

Distribution and distribution centers are an integral part of the supply chain. With the arrival of the logistics supply chain philosophy; the distribution center has taken on the strategic role of attaining the logistics goals of shorter cycle times, lower inventories, lower costs, and improved customer service levels.

This course covers the nature and importance of distribution centers, the role of the distribution center in the supply chain as well as some of the basic warehousing decisions including ownership, number, size, location and what items the firm should stock/how much to stock at each location. The different types of warehouses that exist are reviewed, from simple to more complex highly automated warehouses and the factors that would influence the type of distribution center used for a given situation as well as basic distribution center functions, layout and design principles and objectives and key factors affecting the number of distribution centers.

This course also covers a structured approach for warehouse performance analysis and benchmarking, to indicate areas for potential improvement in order to achieve the minimum cost to serve.

Learning Objective:

Participants will learn the strategic role of warehousing in the logistics system as well as the different types of distribution center that exist. They will learn the basic warehousing decisions, be able to distinguish between the different warehouse activities requiring space in the warehouse and the major principles of warehouse layout and design.

Participants will gain insight into the key factors of warehouse performance including cost performance, etc. Participants will learn a structured approach to warehouse performance analysis, performance improvement and benchmarking.

  • (Good) Nature and importance of warehousing, the role of warehouse, main types of warehouse, factor affecting choice/type of warehouse using, warehousing layout & design, conducting a warehouse performance improvement and benchmarking.

    Supervisor, GAMECO
  • Helpful on the visibility of warehouse internal flows. Better understand of warehouse management.

    Regional Logistics Supervisor, Invista

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