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Supply Chain Management & Its Impact on Company Finance
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Date & Location:
Date: Sep 05 - 06
Location: Singapore
Training Brief:

How organizations can meet financial expectations despite falling margins, fierce competition and be in a position of financial and operational strength?

Leading companies have known for some time that there is a clear and direct link between supply chain excellence and financial performance.

But knowing that supply chain management can provide a distinctive and sustainable competitive advantage to improve overall company business performance, and clearly being able to establish the link are two different things.

Both operations and finance managers have to be bilingual and understand each other's language. They must speak a common business language. The first step in developing this dual competency is a better understanding of how various concepts (in operations) and financial accounts are interrelated.

This course unveils the potential impact of supply chain management in all areas of financial performance (growth, profitability, and capital utilization).

Learning Objective:

  • Understand the relationship between Supply Chain Management and Finance
  • Realize the impact of supply chain management on costs and financial performance
  • Apprehend the direct impact of operational performance on the overall profitability of the organization
  • Understand the language spoken by company decision makers: the language of Finance
  • Articulate the real value of their supply chain initiatives at the senior management level and communicate efficiently to achieve the company strategic goal