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How Emerging Technologies are Shaping Future Supply Chains
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Date: May 23 - 24
Location: Chicago
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In today's global, hyper-competitive, marketplace customer requirements for demand fulfillment can vary widely for different types or categories of customers in different parts of the world, as well as for different product categories in the firm's portfolio. The global business arena is becoming increasingly complex in addressing the myriad of capabilities needed to deliver a profitable demand response for the firm. Market success is largely dependent on how the different customer demand requirements and constantly increasing expectations across the globe are satisfied profitably. 

As companies expand their global footprints, while trying to meet their customers' rising expectations, they often need to invest in advanced technologies that can help them assess their complex business networks to satisfy the demands of a constantly changing marketplace. These new technologies including, for example, Big Data and Predictive Analytics, the Internet of Things (IoT) are changing how business leaders are operating their companies. Organizations are changing the way they work to accommodate these new technologies including adapting their supply chains in line with, and to support, the changing, more speedy and more direct, global movement of goods and services from manufacturers to end customers.

This program will address how modern technologies, including Internet based and digital technologies are changing the movement of goods and services and how this impacts supply chain design and management. Participants will be exposed to the latest thinking and practices as well as to case studies illustrating how successful companies are adopting these technologies as an integral part of their supply chain operations and adjusting these operations to meet changing customer requirements and demands.

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