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Purchasing Legal Affairs & Contract Management
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Date & Location:
Date: Mar 22 - 23
Location: Beijing
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Purchasing need contract to guarantee. Purchasing professionals should know purchasing related contracts and legal knowledge. Terms & conditions in contracts and laws & regulations are mandatory. All Purchasing professionals need to enhance it.

In purchasing practice, written contact which protected by law can’t be replaced by any oral agreement or a gentleman’s agreement.

What’s the content in purchasing contract?

How to avoid traps in contracts?

Is purchasing order equal to a contract?

Is scanned contract fax valid?

Is a signed contract valid if without chop?

Can the down payment be returned?

These are the content of this course.

Contract can protect purchasing work and it also can check the results of purchasing -- this is exactly the value of contract.

The power of contract comes from the legal supporting system. Law is national’s order and norms. Therefore, it’s a must for purchasing professionals to learn necessary contents including contract signing procedure, responsibility, liability, contract fulfillment, default compensation, dispute resolution, etc.