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Customs Risk Management and Foreign Trade Compliance
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Date & Location:
Date: Oct 18 - 19
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:




Nowadays, China Customs' supervision becomes increasingly intensive. More and more enterprises are punished due to touching the bottom line of related laws. It becomes an unprecedented challenge for companies to make efficient customs clearance and compliance management. For managers and related colleagues, how to prevent and control the risk of the customs affairs is now such an important problem that must be positively faced.

How to meet the customs' supervision requirements and avoid against the law? How to reduce the butterfly effect of a mistake owing to carelessness? In addition, are your tax number, price/royalties, internal control and other sides being questioned by customs and do you know what's behind? Moreover, do you have the experience that the goods arrive without informed so that you are required to take the legal responsibility? There are so many problems like that and all of them are up to the efficient solutions to the prevention and control of customs affairs' risk.

Setting in this background, the training will give some ways to help check the customs affairs' risk combined with typical cases. And effective solutions will be carried out as well.

Learning Objective:

  1. 对我国海关现有的组织架构及其监管具有一定的了解,学会如何与海关官员进行积极和有效的沟通;
  2. 对企业经营活动中可能涉及的各类海关事务风险进行预先评估和防控,明了“补与不补”、“罚与不罚”、“有罪无罪”等的界定,对已涉的各类企业海关事务问题进行积极、有效的应对和解决;
  3. 结合企业实际运营情况及部门间协作配合程度,探讨企业关务风险合规体制建立的可行性及相应实施方案。

Understanding the structure and the supervision of the China Customs, and becoming skilled at how to deal with customs officials positively and effectively.

Paying attention to pre-assessment, prevention and control of the customs affairs' risk which occurred in the business activities, and taking effective measures to resolve these problems. Being aware of the definition of 'Repair or not', 'Punish or not' and 'Guilty or not'.

Discussing the feasibility about the compliance system of the customs affairs' risk and its implementation plans combined with the real operation status and internal collaboration.

  • 讲师专业,经验丰富,授课深入浅出,案例生动,总体很好,不虚此行!

    Order Processing/ Logistics Manager, Manz
  • 讲师的专业知识很丰富,内容也比较实在,很好地阐述了关务存在风险及引起重注的必要性,并且列举实际的案例,以便企业遇到事有迹可循.

    Customer Service, Owens Corning
  • 组织有条理,老师能结合实际的情况做出详细的案例讨论,比较有帮助.

    Assistant Manager- Supply Chain, China, Connell Bros

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