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Effective Warehouse and Storeroom
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Date & Location:
Date: Jun 28 - 29
Location: Singapore
Training Brief:

Does your organization face one or more of these challenges?

  • Quantities in your computer system do not agree with what is physically in the warehouse
  • Material cannot be found when it is needed to fill an outgoing order
  • Inventory is continually damaged before it can be used
  • Your facilities are clogged with dead stock and other unneeded material
  • Employees are not working efficiently and effectively and morale is low
  • Employees don't realize your organization’s total cost of bad inventory control
  • ...

This interactive workshop will explore best practices in material storage, order fulfillment and other aspects of warehouse and storeroom operations.  You will learn how to minimize your overall operations and fixed asset costs while meeting or exceeding your customers' expectations of order fulfillment.  

Handouts include spreadsheets and documents that will allow you to apply the concepts presented to your specific situation as well as a template for creating a customized inventory control policies and procedures guide for your organization.

Learning Objective:

  • Understand common warehousing and storage problems
  • Identify everyone's specific role in achieving effective warehouse management and capabilities needed for job associated with material handling
  • Calculate your organizations cost of carrying inventory and cost of filling orders
  • Identify the actual costs incurred due to bad inventory control
  • Evaluate different warehouse layouts
  • Understanding the benefits of different types of technology for your specific situation
  • Integrating new technology with your current operations
  • Evaluating the benefits and cost-effectiveness of new technology and other enhancements
  • How to store products to minimize the cost of filling orders
  • How to implement best-practice material handling procedures into all aspects of your organization
  • Maintaining accurate on-hand quantities through effective full physical and cycle counts
  • How to effectively integrate value-added services in warehousing operations
  • Implementing metrics to measure inventory performance
  • Introducing incentive programs to encourage employees to effectively utilize all of their skills
  • How a focus on safety can improve productivity
  • Develop a policies and procedures manual which addresses your organizations specific situation

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