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Date & Location:
Date: Aug 30 - 31
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:


  • 供应链管理难以平衡,常常是这一个环节好了,另一个环节却出问题了;
  • 忽视生产计划的重要性,生产计划体系混乱,生产计划频变,计划失去了其指导意义;
  • 订单来了,但是物料供应不继,导致无法准时交货;
  • 库存很高,但是断货现象屡见不鲜,究竟那个部门应该对库存负责,到底如何控制库存;
  • ...


In the increasingly fierce market, how to control cost and improve customers' satisfaction has become an unavoidable problem.

  • It is very hard to balance supply chain management; it seems that there is no“one size fits all”approach.
  • People often neglect the importance of production planning, which may cause confusion, frequently changes and lost meaning in production planning system.
  • Company have not sufficient material supply to ensure on-time delivery when comes an order.
  • Warehouse maintains high stock levels while some item is often out of stock; which department should be responsible for inventory? How to control inventory?
  • ...

Actually, all the problems above can be alleviated or even solved by excellent supply chain management.

Learning Objective:

此次为期 2天的培训课程,旨在通过大量案例和实战分析让学员了解制造企业的供应链管理,并通过具体的实际工作方法和理念的共享,让学员掌握如何改进和完善制造企业的供产销一体化,如何通过跨部门的协作实现供应链一体化,主要内容涉及供应商管理、计划管理、物料管理、仓储管理、采购管理、订单交付管理、预测管理等在内的供应链各个环节。

This two-day workshop will provide you with case studies and practical analysis to learn manufacturing supply chain management and study how to improve integration of supply-production-sales through effective methods and concept sharing. You will learn supply chain integration through cross functional collaborations, which mainly includes supply chain management, planning management, materials management, warehouse management, order delivery, demand forecast, etc.

  • 内容针对性强,设计供应链的相关管理比较广泛,内容有利于理解和应用。

    Purchasing Specialist, Yantex
  • 讲师讲解清楚,结构与逻辑明晰,案例实用性强。

    Sr. Product Manager, New Balance
  • 培训内容完全覆盖供应、生产、销售与物流一体化等方面,对实际工作有明显

    Senior HSE Manager, Hansyn Pharmaceutical

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