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Core Skills for Planning Manager
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Date & Location:
Date: Jul 05 - 06
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:


  • 产能富余的时候没有订单,订单多的时候产能又不够,到底应该如何配备产能呢;
  • 生产计划体系混乱,生产计划经常频繁变动,该如何管理好计划呢;
  • 库存高则成本高,库存低又经常断货,库存到底应该如何管理,多少库存才算是合理呢;
  • 如何平衡产能成本、库存成本、生产成本和交货期、客户满意度之间的关系呢;
  • ...

Planning managers always have many thankless tasks because they need to face both sides of sales department and production department as well. In addition, they must ensure punctual delivery and production efficiency while cutting inventory. Everything turn out to be badly battered and they don't know how to start.

  • There's no order when the production capacity excess. But on the contrary side, the production capacity will be not enough when much orders come - How to arrange the capacity properly?
  • The system of production planning is a mess and always changing -How to manage the planning?
  • High inventory makes high cost; however, low inventory often leads to supply shortage - How to control inventory and what is reasonable volume ? 
  • How to deal with the relationship between the cost of capacity, inventory, producing as well as delivery date and customer satisfaction?
  • ...

Learning Objective:


The 2-day course is intended to enhance attendees' core ability and management philosophy as a planning manager.  During the course, the trainer will analyze massive cases and practical processes. You will learn how to coordinate with other departments externally and manage planners and material colleagues internally. That will definitely help you to win more support and exploit potentials of planning department.

  • 对培训总体上满意,内容涉及生产制造行业的基本计划知识,讲解深入浅出,案例分析简洁易懂.

    Planning Manager, GAMECO
  • 培训内容能结合计划方面的实际问题给出有效的解决方案,实用性强.

    Production Plan Supervisor, Puratos
  • 系统化对计划管理分层分类进行分析,并从案例方式进行沟通对实施计划管理影响很大.

    Planner, Alfa Laval

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