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In-direct Material Purchase and Management
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Date & Location:
Date: Mar 19 - 20
Location: Shanghai
Date: Oct 15 - 16
Location: Shenzhen
Date: Oct 24 - 25
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:

非生产物资采购,即General Procurement 或 In-direct Material Purchase ,通常是指非直接性生产物资的采购。由于非生产物资采购工作相当琐碎,系统化程度较低,管理与控制较难,无形中形成了较高的采购成本。


General Procurement/ In-direct Material Purchase generally means procurement of non-direct production materials. It is trivial, less systematic, and hard to control and that is why high purchasing costs are formed virtually. In recent years, many companies have paid much more attention on in-direct purchase management. Specialization and systematization are the basic requirements. This course will

intearate practical skills and case studies to help attendees make positive contribution to cost reduction and system management of company in a

short time.

Learning Objective:


This course is developed for the purchasers of non-productive material. The course aims to help in-direct purchasing personnel to enhance the knowledge of all details and improve work capability through relative industrial case sharing and discussion. The service concept and confidence level of participants will be largely improved during knowledge sharing.

  • ①比较全面地系统地介绍了间接采购的特点、知识点。②案例贴合间接采购。③讲师讲解地比较实用

    Category Manager - Business Service APAC, The Linde Group
  • 课程内容有针对性,讲师深入浅出地讲解专业知识,有助于我们对课程内容的理解.

    Indirect Buyer, Metabo
  • 培训非常有针对性,对于从事非直接采购很有帮助,老师讲的很接地气

    Sourcing Specialist, Varian

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