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Core Skills for Purchasing Professionals
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Date & Location:
Date: Mar 22 - 23
Location: Shanghai
Date: May 21 - 22
Location: Shenzhen
Date: Nov 15 - 16
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:


  • 如何选择合适的供应商,解决难以驾驭的供应商
  • 如何评估供应商报价,选择最合适的采购成本
  • 如何做好采购谈判,获得期望的结果
  • 如何避免合同风险
  • 如何降低采购成本
  • 选择合理的采购时机和采购数量,避免无谓的库存

Procurement cost often accounts for 50-60% of the total manufacturing cost. How to purchase affects cost and profitdirectly.

Thus, companies are eager to solve the following problems:

  • How to choose the suitable suppliers and deal with the tough suppliers
  • How to evaluate quotations and choose the best procurement cost
  • How to obtain expected results through purchasing negotiation
  • How to avoid the contract risks
  • How to reduce the cost of procurement
  • Determining the reasonable timing and quantity of purchasing to minimize inventory

Learning Objective:

此次为期 2天的培训课程,通过大量案例和实战演练,旨在帮助参与者掌握采购管理的正确方法和理念,如何有效的降低采购成本,选择合适的供应商,掌握谈判技巧和风险控制能力,掌握合理的采购方法。

The 2-day course is intended to help attendees enhance correct methods and ideas about purchasing management through massive cases and exercises. Including how to effectively lower purchasing cost, select appropriate suppliers, master negotiation skills and risk management as well as grasp rational purchasing method.

  • 讲师知识丰富,培训内容符合实际对于自己帮助很大 。

    Sourcing Manager, CSGE
  • 对采购这项工作有了一个比较清晰的理解,老师紧贴实际教材运用多案例使学员对理论更了解,讲解很清晰,气氛也比较活跃

    Purchaser, Klüber Lubrication
  • 讲师培训技巧非常好,具有较强的理论实战经验且具有较强的实用性。

    Deputy Purchasing Manager, Schindler

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