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Inventory Control and Demand Forecasting
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Date & Location:
Date: Mar 19 - 20
Location: Shanghai
Date: May 23 - 24
Location: Shenzhen
Date: Nov 12 - 13
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:


  • 库存很高但断货却屡见不鲜。
  • 生产计划频繁变更,企业疲于奔命;
  • 销售、生产、计划、采购等各个部门之间行同水火,互相埋怨;
  • 企业运营成本居高不下;
  • 客户订单无法准时交货,客户投诉不断;


  • 高库存则成本居高不下;低库存又导致经常断货
  • 高库存不但影响了企业的现金流,导致仓库经常爆仓,还掩盖了太多问题
  • 各个部门互相推诿,嘴巴叫着要降低库存,实则把库存当作救命稻草,结果库存越来越高;
  • 什么是合理的库存毫无概念,一切凭着经验拍脑袋

Inaccurate demand forecasting is a big challenge for many enterprises, which has direct effect on:

  • Out of stock meanwhile in high stock
  • Production plan changed frequently
  • Argument between several departments (sales, production, planning and sourcing)
  • High business operation cost
  • Delayed order delivery and constant customer complaints

Unreasonable inventory control would be another catastrophe, which directly leads to:

  • High cost
  • Insufficient cash flow and overloaded warehouse
  • More and more stock because every department sees it as life-saving straw
  • Control inventory by experience

  • 老师思路清晰,要点讲解到位,不错.

    Forecaster-Demand Planner, Lesaffre
  • 为我目前的工作提供了强大的理论支持. 知识点很多,比较系统

    Material Planning, Yantex
  • 很好,讲师所讲的内容都比较贴近实际

    Operations Manager, HyTest

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