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Interpretation of New Customs Policy and Royalties for Customs Clearance under New Situation
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Date & Location:
Date: Aug 28 - 29
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:

本次培训就将针对海关现状,对我国目前正在进行的通关一体化改革、一次申报分步处置、单一窗口建设等新政进行深度解读,并从海关和企业的角度深层剖析海关稽查要点及企业合规管理的薄弱点;同时,针对眼下海关对相关行业非贸付汇项下的特许权使用费企业自查自报、海关专项稽查一事,从海关《审价办法》出发结合行业典型案例,帮助与会人员理解特许权使用费企业支付及海关是否计征的相关法律依据及判断标准,提高企业贸易合规水平,降低企业经营成本和风险。 China is currently under way for the integration of customs clearance reform, deep interpretation of new policies such as step-by-step report, single window construction, and deep analysis of customs inspection points and weak points in organization from the perspective of customs and enterprises. Furthermore, this training is combined with the typical case of the industry to help participants understand if the royalties paid by the enterprise and the customs are related to the legal basis, and to improve the level of corporate trade compliance, reduce business costs and risks.

Learning Objective:

  1. 通过学习目前海关正在进行的全国通关一体化改革以及其他相关配套改革措施,了解通关改革及海关执法理念的转变,熟知海关对进出口货物进行稽查关注的重点与“底线”; - Study the current national customs clearance reform and other related reform measures - Understand the changes in customs reform and the concept of customs enforcement - Know about the key points of customs audit and the "bottom line"
  2. 了解海关现行全国性税收稽查的背景、特点,对企业经营活动中可能涉及的相关海关事务风险进行预先评估和防控,对已涉的各类企业海关事务问题进行积极、有效的应对和解决; - Understand the current national tax audit background, characteristics - Learn to pre-assess and prevent relevant customs business risks that may be involved in business activities - Actively respond and solve various problems of enterprises involved in customs issues
  3. 充分理解海关现行《审价办法》中有关“特许权使用费”计征的法律条款,面对海关事中、事后价格质疑及稽查,合理有效的利用这些规则,降低由此引发的相应关务风险和企业成本,便利通关。 - Fully understand the legal provisions of royalties in the current "trial price" law - Make full use of these rules to reduce the corresponding risk and business costs, and to facilitate customs clearance

  • 培训内容非常符合企业实际需求,很不错,组织工作也十分到位.

    Logistics Manager, Ivoclar Vivadent
  • 培训的内容很充实,理论与实际结合

    Customs Clearance Officer (SCM), UCB
  • 讲师经验丰富,能针对企业实际需求提供指导性意见,课程内容具体结合实际政策.

    Customs Specialist, Perkins

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