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Supply Chain Digitalization
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Date & Location:
Date: Sep 17 - 18
Location: Shanghai
Date: Oct 17 - 18
Location: Shenzhen
Training Brief:

It's hard to avoid the word ‘Digitalization’ these days. Vendors, companies and their customers are all talking about it in conferences, articles and their websites. However, actual case studies of successful implementation are still very rare, especially in Asia. When you ask 10 different people to define the concept Digitalization, you will get 10 quite different answers. So is the hype around Digital real or just a fad?

This 2-day interactive training course is designed to dig deep into the current state of affairs in Digitizing the supply chain. What are the new technologies that are the digital enablers? What impact do they have on the different supply chain functions and even the business overall? Are technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, Robotics, 3D printing and AI ready to be implemented now, or is it better to wait until the cost/performance will improve to acceptable levels and the risk of implementation is lower?

Learning Objective:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of what the concept of Digitalization is about
  • Learn about new technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI, 3D Printing etc. that enable the Digitalization of the supply chain
  • Through interactive group brainstorm sessions get an initial idea which digital enabling technology may benefit your company
  • Learn a flexible and pragmatic implementation approach that applies whether you are an early adopter or late follower, and whether you see Digitalization just as a way to automate current processes or as an enabler for supply chain transformation

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