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Excellent Leadership & Problem-Solving Workshop
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Date & Location:
Date: Jun 06 - 07
Location: Shanghai
Training Brief:



With the continuous development of enterprises, the role of middle and high level managers is becoming more and more important. Their quality and management level are directly related to the execution and the development. When the scale of the enterprise is gradually expanding or stagnant, it is necessary to improve the management ability of the middle and senior managers in order to promote the growth of the whole team. How leaders find the true meaning of leadership; how to inspire team members to make great achievement; how to turn the idea into action; how to realize the vision; how to change the barriers to the innovation; how to integrate the individual into a whole unity; how to turn risks into benefits are what this workshop will talk about. Leaders should create an atmosphere to motivate members to seize challenging opportunities to get extraordinary success.

Attendees will be taught about how to manage and motivate the team via practical skills and case analysis sharing, which will help make a positive contribution to achieving corporate goals.

Learning Objective:


  • 懂得做团队经理的职责、使命与面临的挑战;
  • 明白作为一名优秀的管理者所需要具备的素质和能力;
  • 掌握系统思考能力,掌握时间管理技巧,对工作懂得如何策划铺排,有条不紊地开展;
  • 掌握谈判技巧,提升对团队掌控以及各部门之间的协调沟通能力
  • 学会如何建立及有效激励团队成员,达成团队目标;
  • 学会决策管理机制,掌握风险评估方法,帮助学员在复杂情况下做出正确的判断
  • 提升有效授权的能力,让员工和管理者一起行动起来,提高团队作战能力;
  • 提升个人的领导力,扩大个人的影响力
  • 拥有解决复杂问题的思路与方法
  • 化解危机

The middle and senior level managers will get from this workshop:

  • Know responsibilities, missions and challenges faced by a team manager;
  • Know the qualities and abilities a good manager need;
  • Grasp the systematic thinking ability, the time management skills, understand how to plan and arrange the work, and carry out the work in an orderly manner;
  • Learn how to effectively motivate team members to achieve team goals;
  • Learn the decision-making management mechanism, master the method of risk assessment and help attendees make correct judgments in complex situations;
  • Enhance the ability of effective authorization to allow staff and managers to act together to improve team capability;
  • Improving personal leadership and expanding individual influence;
  • Enhance the methods to solve complex problems;
  • Resolve crisis

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